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The Company: Safe Data Solutions

A safe data solution prides its self as a true disaster and business continuity service provider.

As an EMC2 partner you are guaranteed solutions, whether you are a government, corporate organization both large and small, health institution or other.

Through our other company Aerial Ad Aviation we acquired our first aircraft Piper P28 that was used for aerial advertising.

We have since acquired two other aircrafts that will be used to train up coming pilots. Aircrafts will also be available for lease.

Real Estate Division
As a contribution to sustainable and equitable standard of living to all we believe provision affordable low income Housing is the first step to an attainable goal to a middle class society.

Companies Division



Vision and Values:

Your green sources to power! Simplicity and competitive pricing!


Legendary accolade as one of Africa’s greatest contributor to development.


Efficiency without compromising Quality.