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The Company: Health Division

Health Sector Division

Our suppliers carry the highest Quality Medical and Diagnostic Products by most large Manufacturers covering most medical disciplines with over 30,000 products.

Our company has been serving our customers with emphasis on customer satisfaction through quality service and competitive pricing.

EunivyResources has a full range of equipment and supplies to give you “when you need it as you need it”.

We offer a full-line of durable medical equipment including

  1. Anesthesia machines (MRI-Compatible models)
  2. Surgical lights
  3. Electrosurgical units (ESU/Bovie)
  4. Patient monitors
  5. Ventilators
  6. Vaporizers
  7. Defibrillators
  8. Operating room tables (operating theatre tables)
  9. Medical devices
  10. HIV/AIDS Products
  11. Medical Kits
  12. Disposable hygiene
  13. Laboratory
  14. Refrigerators


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Vision and Values:

Your green sources to power! Simplicity and competitive pricing!


Legendary accolade as one of Africa’s greatest contributor to development.


Efficiency without compromising Quality.